Passionate Neighbor

We have another cutie getting fucked in this amazing POVD scene. She heard that her neighbor is  porn actor and she wanted to try him out and see if everything she was in the movies is real. The curvy teen went to his place and wanted to talk with him more, but he already had another babe inside so they left their talk to the next time. He saw that she was pretty sad so he called her the next day and told her that he has a bottle of wine and no one to drink it with.

She was so happy and put on her sexy lingerie and went to his place. After talking for a while she couldn’t keep it for herself anymore and asked him about this job. It was clear that she knew before she came to his place, but he told her about it. He also mentioned that he was producer as well and then she heard the magical question and of course agreed to appear in one of his movies. The curvy babe just couldn’t get enough of his hard cock while he was filming it all. If you want more passionate sex scenes check out the Passion HD blog for more sexy babes in action. Enjoy it!


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